• Radically Alive Women Immersion

    Coming home to yourself

  • Radically Alive Women's Immersion:

    21st November 2024, 4pm - 24th November 2024, 4pm, Wainui Bay (McShane Road)


    $290 pp to cover the real (basic) costs, with an open exploration space at the end of our Immersion around donations for spaceholding.

  • What is Radically Alive Women's Immersion?


    When women truly empower each other, creatively collaborate, and move together, then something entirely divine is possible. Experience immersing in a space that sparks your radical aliveness. Be with women that are committed to their own rich wildness, their clear gentleness, and that come together to collaborate for Evolution.   

    "Radically Alive" Women's Immersion is a multi-day event in which we come together for that purpose. It is rooted in the context of Possibility Management.

  • What does it mean to be radically alive as a Woman?

     Julia speaks to this question. It might not be what you thought.

    Meet Sybille



    Interviewed by Julia

    Meet Annika

    Meet Damiët

    Meet Julia


    We are based in Aotearoa, New Zealand

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    Sybille Biedert

    Embodied Freedom Movement Magician


    Sybille is a dedicated edge-worker and movement lover, passionate about the power of group work. She weaves her skills in Possibility Management & OpenFloor movement practise into her workshops and retreats. Sybille creates transformational medicine, helping people to grow physically and emotionally within a community.

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    Julia Neumann

    Weaver of the Web of Evolution


    Julia empowers the Feminine, and Women to go first by remembering their innate power. She is passionate about conscious Anger as a fire resource making space for the other feelings - Sadness, Fear and Joy - to emerge and bring forth Women's aliveness. Julia brings a broad variety of skills as a Possibility Management Coach, Edgecaster, and Creatress.

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    Annika Korsten

    Guardian of the Earth


    Annika weaves people, food and nature into a wild concoction of Gaian healing balm. As a Coach she empowers Women to stand in their Creations, walks paths previously unseen and heard of, and expands and heals the culture of Women's Sexuality. She delights in simplicity.

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    Damiët Loor

    Artist Magician


    Damiët creates beautiful art - the lioness walking out of the vagina in the banner is her creation. Her art extends to empowering Women to create their biggest art piece: their lives. Damiët holds space for Creation and Magic.

  • Evolutionary Women's Immersion

    Multi-day immersion for Women to be radically alive with each other.


    In botany, the radicle is the first part of a seedling to emerge from the seed during germination. It is the embryonic root of the plant that grows downward in the soil. Radically Alive serves to reconnect women with their deeply rooted aliveness and their resources. It is for women that are willing to go first by showing up fully with who they are, growing into their full power as adult Women.

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    Feel and Reconnect

    Feel and express your feelings in a held space amongst other women. Your anger, sadness, fear and joy are welcome in their raw version. Learn how you can use them for healing and as a resource for your life, in connection with yourself and others.

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    Dance and Move

    Discover the power and fun of dance and movement. It will allow you to connect with your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and archetypal bodies in a deep and sustainable way. Your experience in those 5 bodies enables you to take away a felt new reference point in yourself.

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    Reclaim your Power

    Activate your anger as a resource for your clarity, innate authority, boundaries, and clear Yes and No. Shifting from "anger is bad" to "anger is a resource" makes your life force available to you, so that you can take a stand for what you really care about. Angry women are changing the world!

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    Rediscover or switch on your playfulness. Showing up exactly as you are, your aliveness will take you to places. How do you play when you let yourself off the leash of societal norms?

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    What becomes possible when women dance at the edge of evolution together, in a land of one hundred percent responsibility?

    Healing, lifting each other up, sharing authentically, are only some of the possibilities for Radically Alive women.


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    Immersing in nature and nourishment with yummy food, sauna and hot tub will allow you to integrate what has been discovered.

    Tui Events Park is nestled into Wainui Bay, next to the Abel Tasman National Park - 5 minutes to the beach. A beautiful setting that allows you to unfold in whichever shape and form is your unique expression of life.

  • Join our next Radically Alive Women's Immersion:

    21-24 November 2023!

    21st November 2024, 4pm - 24th November 2024, 4pm, Wainui Bay (McShane Road)


    $290 pp to cover the real (basic) costs, with an exploration space at the end of our Immersion around donations for spaceholding.

  • Together we create Next Women's Culture by holding space for each other with Radical Honesty and Love.

    There is no stopping of Radically Alive Women.

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    The Women's Immersion includes:

    Experiments and distinctions from Possibility Management

    Possibility Movement practice with Sybille
    Facilitated sharing circles
    Conscious feelings work, including conscious anger
    Yummy simple food 3 meals a day
    3 nights camping or accommodation in a house nearby
    Optional hot tub, sauna and much more
    Creative collaboration amongst a circle of women in Radical Responsibility



    Tui Events Park, Wainui Bay, Golden Bay (264 McShane Rd)

    PRICE: Pay the real costs of $290 (food, venue, accommodation)

    and choose your spaceholder contribution at the end of the weekend

    from $0-x or other offers.

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    Radically Alive Women: Next Women's Culture Edgecast

    This weekly edgecast inspires the aliveness in women so that Next Women's Culture becomes reality: A culture of initiated adult women creatively collaborating. Click on the image to get to the Podcast.

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    RAW episode with Sybille Biedert on Aliveness through Music and Movement. (Click on the image to get to the episode)

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